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Heritages and Museums

Busaad Art Gallery at the heart of the old city, Busaad Art Gallery assembles and displays works by a talent local artist, Ebrahim Busaad. The pieces exhibited here depict a diverse range of themes and represent everything from Arabic calligraphy to the more modern forms.

The Mohammed bin Faris Sut Music House was opened on 12 September, 2005 as a museum commemorating the achievements of the Bahraini singer and musician Mohammed bin Faris. Mohammed bin Faris was a master of a type of music that originated in the Arabian Gulf region, the Sut.

The Bahrain National Museum is the largest and one of the oldest public museums in Bahrain. It is constructed near the King Faisal Highway in Manama and opened in December 1988. The US$30 million museum complex covers 27,800 sq meters and consists of two buildings.

Beit Al Qur’an is a multi-purpose complex dedicated to the Islamic arts and is located in Hoora, Bahrain. Established in 1990, the complex is most famous for its Islamic museum, which has been acknowledged as being one of the most renowned Islamic museums in the world.